Training | Specialized Tracks | Advanced change detection analysis with ERDAS IMAGINE
Course Duration: 5 Day(s)



Training Contents

This course highlights the differences between two images of the same area acquired at different dates. The course starts by a revision to the required functions that must be performed on the images before extracting the changes, and then several change detection techniques are covered starting from simple change detection analysis to advanced techniques including filters, algorithms and process management.
• Introduction to Remote Sensing
• Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE® I and II
• Images preparation and adjustment 
                                 - Atmospheric correction
                                 - Image Enhancements 
                                 - Image Classification
• Automated image-to-image registration and edge matching using IMAGINE AutoSync
                                 - Geometric correction basics
                                 - Creating tie points between two images
                                 - Set output image projection
                                 - Resample output image
                                 - Verify output image
• Zonal Change
                                 - Image difference 
                                 - Discriminant Function Change Detection
                                 - Zonal Change 
• Advanced change detection analysis
                                 - Significant and Insignificant Change 
                                 - Change Detection Algorithms to Identify Changes of Interest 
                                 - Change Filters to Eliminate Unwanted Changes 
                                 - Change Detection Methodology
                                 - Process Management
                                 - Broad Area or Small Area of Interest