Training | Specialized Tracks | Dams Projects Training Course
Course Duration: 10 Day(s)


Week 1


Security Measures:
Power Generation Processes:
Overview of electric power generation processes related to different types of dams
Type construction:
Concrete or embankment
Construction Process:
Time required and different phases of building a dam
Support Facilities:
On-site and off-site Support Facilities needed
Source Materials for fill
Week 2


Security Measures:
Security and site defenses
Associated Facilities:
Related facilities for Dam operations
Earthworks Alternatives:
To quarry or not to quarry
Key Indicators:
Where to look for new dam constructions and key indicators of activity
Automated Detection:
Change detection applications
Dam Power Estimated Gain:
How to estimate power output of hydro-electric dams
Dam Status Reporting:
Report writing