Training | Standard Courses | Radar Mapping Suite
Course Duration: 2 Day(s)
In this course students will learn basic radar image processing in the ERDAS Radar Mapping Suite. New radar sensor models will be covered, as well as radar conversion and enhancement techniques. The emphasis will be on OrthoRadar and new Interferometric module, which includes DEM extraction with InSAR, a change image with CCD (Coherence Change Detection), and a quantified change image with D-InSAR (Differential InSAR).
  Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE® I (preferred but not mandatory).
Introduction into Radar remote sensing, images, and sensors.
Import, data types, and file structures of important radar products.
Overview of all components of the ERDAS RMS.
Radar Interpreter: Enhancement and Conversion Techniques.
Orthorectifying radar imagery with OrthoRadar.
Extracting a DEM, detecting, and quantifying changes in an interfermetric image pair using the ERDAS IMAGINE Inteterferometry module.