Training | Standard Courses | ERDAS APOLLO Technical Training
Course Duration: 5 Day(s)
Technical Prerequisites
  Attendees must have experience with J2EE environments: Java Virtual Machine, Application Servers and Servlet engines such as Tomcat and JBOSS. Notions of spatial databases and SQL are also necessary. Knowledge of XML, XML schema is recommended.
Programming skills in Java and JavaScript is not required for this training
Introduction to Geo-ICT concepts and Overview of ERDAS APOLLO
This course provides an overview on ERDAS APOLLO 2010 and its technological environment such as the OGC and ISO/TC211 specifications and standards. The main features of ERDAS APOLLO Essentials, ERDAS APOLLO Advantage and ERDAS APOLLO Professional are browsed.
At the end of this course you will know how to install the product with all its prerequisites, you’ll learn how to set up a WMS on Image files, a WCS on Coverages, how to setup WFS on a Spatial Database, how to configure the portrayal of these data and how to setup and IWS server. You will also learn how to harvest your services in the ERDAS APOLLO Catalog console. Security configuration is also approached.
The web client and 3D client are also demonstrated in this training.
APOLLO Essentials.SDI, Essentials.IWS, 3D Client installations and configuration.
Vector Workflows: WFS, GML, Vector Portrayal, SLD, WMS, spatial queries, transactions.
Raster Workflows: WCS, Raster Portrayal, SLD, WMS, ECWP streaming.
Catalogue: Services, Custom Objects.
APOLLO Web Client, 3D Client, configuration tools.
W*S security, data masking.
This course covers the Image Manager capabilities of Apollo Advantage and the collaboration features. With this training you are be able to publish raster data through the WMS and WCS interfaces using the Image Manager crawling mechanism. You are able to configure ISO 19115 metadata to describe your data in the Image Manager catalog. You will learn how to configure and customize your system for your specific (data styling, security configuration, client application tuning,..).
APOLLO Image Manager Installation, Collaboration Installation.
Image Manager Catalogue and related standards.
Data crawling & publishing.
Security configuration.
Web Client, configuration tools.
ERDAS APOLLO Professional
Apollo Professional provides geoprocessing though an implementation of the OGC Web Processing Services (WPS). This trainings aims at teaching how Image Manager administrators can create and publish complex geoprocesses so that end users are able to execute them with very little domain knowledge.
Spatial Modeler (overview, exhaustive training is Autoring - Spatial Modeling & Expert) Systems.
Spatial Models publishing.
WPS standard overview.
Using Geoprocessing in the Web Client.