Training | Standard Courses | Satellite Image Processing in LPS
Course Duration: 2 Day(s)
  This course demonstrates how to use LPS with commercial satellite imagery to process accurate orthos. It includes a variety of different sensor models and includes workflows from starting a blockfile, adding RPC information, collecting ground control using the Stereo Point Measurement tool, and RPC refinement, and ortho-production.
Students will learn shortcuts, tips and tricks, and how to check and analyze accuracy in their end-products.
  Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE® I, Introduction to LPS (preferred but not mandatory).
Setting Preferences for satellite image processing in LPS.
Creating a blockfile with commercial satellite imagery.
Internal and External Orientation with or without RPCs.
Collecting control points in the Stereo Point Measurement Tool.
Automatic Tie Point collection.
Adding Check Points for accuracy.
RPC Refinement / Triangulation.
Workflow for no GCPs.
Rigorous Pushbroom Refinement.
Extracting and Editing DTMs
Creating Orthos and Orthomosaics.