Training | Standard Courses | Introduction to LPS (Photogrammetric Suite)
Course Duration: 3 Day(s)
In this intermediate, application-oriented course, students will learn the tools and functionality necessary to complete a desktop mapping project, using LPS. Instructors will explain how to triangulate a block of images, extract elevation data, and create orthorectified imagery. Data sources used include conventional aerial photographic frames and QuickBird imagery from DigitalGlobe.
Current Level
  Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE® I (preferred, but not mandatory).
Understand basic digital photogrammetric theory needed to use LPS.
Input all necessary data, create and triangulate blocks of imagery.
Use the Automatic Point Measurement tool to improve triangulation results.
Extract elevation data to produce a Digital Terrain Model using tools in LPS.
Display, edit and enhance Digital Elevation Models using standard ERDAS IMAGINE® tools.
Orthorectify multiple images from a block using elevation data from multiple sources.
Mosaic several orthorectified images.
Visualize orthorectified imagery in a standard ERDAS IMAGINE Viewer and use the Image Drape tool to create perspective three-dimensional scenes