Training | Standard Courses | IMAGINE 3D View (Virtual GIS)
Course Duration: 1 Day(s)
  This one day workshop is designed to become better acquainted with the 3D View and IMAGINE VirtualGIS capabilities within the new 2010 Ribbon Interface. The workshop is lead by an instructor, but students will have the freedom to create their own personalized worlds, ask questions, and learn shortcuts, tips and tricks in the 3D View.
  Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE® I (preferred but not mandatory).
Use elevation models, raster overlays, vector data, and other GIS layers to create a customized 3D world.
Master navigation modes for smooth and easy visualization.
Import models and model coverages in various formats.
Add textures 3D shapefiles with Stereo Analyst for IMAGINE’s Texel Mapper.
Create an animated fly-through using models and camera mode.
Record movies to share with others.