Training | Standard Courses | Spatial Modeling& Expert Systems
Course Duration: 2 Day(s)
Do you already know how to build your own basic models with the ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler, but need guidance with some of the advanced functionality? This two-day advanced course will teach students how to build models using the advanced tools and functions in the Modeler. Students will also be shown how to plan Knowledge Engines from an expert’s knowledge, build these with the Knowledge Engineer and finally test them. (2 day class).
  Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE® I and II.
Perform advanced change detection with the Spatial Modeler.
Access, analyze and change image attributes with the Spatial Modeler.
Manipulate tables of data and LUTs using the Spatial Modeler Table Object.
Run multiple processes in one model and combine multiple models.
Convert expert knowledge into information needed by the ERDAS Knowledge Engineer.
Automatically classify and identify image features with Knowledge Engines.
Launch C programs from within the Knowledge Engineer.