Training | Standard Courses | ERDAS Imagine Basics
Course Duration: 3 Day(s)
This course is an introduction to the latest IMAGINE Essentials and IMAGINE Advantage software. Instructors will present some basic concepts of remote sensing and GIS, providing a foundation in image processing and GIS. Classification, orthorectification, and image mosaicking are also presented. (3 day class)
Navigate around the IMAGINE Essentials and IMAGINE Advantage interfaces
Import digital data into the IMAGINE Environment
Use the IMAGINE Viewer to display imagery, vector files and other data sets
Create, edit and integrate ESRI Shape files
Perform spatial and spectral enhancements on multispectral imagery
Process multiple files using Batch Wizards
Create image libraries and catalogs
Assign geographical coordinates to an image to create geometrically corrected and orthorectified imagery
Mosaic several images to produce one seamless output
Drape images in a 3D perspective viewer
Perform a basic land cover classification using a multispectral image
Improve a classification using the ERDAS IMAGINE Knowledge Classifier
Perform simple raster GIS functions
Create print-ready maps with the Map Composer.