Generating DEM and Building Heights

Generating DEM and Building Heights

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DEM Production & Building Heights Calculation Photogrammetry Track - Duration(5 Days)

Generating DEM and Building Heights from satellite data

Prerequisites :

Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE® I

Topics :

Introduction :

  1. DEM Sources and Extraction techniques
  2. Geometric correction and Ortho-rectification
  3. Building height extraction from one image

IMAGINE Photogrammetry

Understand basic digital photogrammetric theory needed to use Image Photogrammetry

  1. Input all necessary data, create and triangulate blocks of imagery
  2. Use the Automatic Point Measurement tool to improve triangulation results
  3. Creating a block file with commercial satellite imagery
  4. Internal and External Orientation with or without RPCs
  5. Collecting control points in the Stereo Point Measurement Tool
  6. Adding Check Points for accuracy
  7. RPC Refinement / Triangulation
  8. Workflow for no GCPs

Automatic Terrain Generation using IMAGINE Auto DTM

  1. Extract elevation data to produce a Digital Terrain
  2. Display, edit and enhance Digital Elevation Models using standard


  1. Topographic analysis

Stereo feature (buildings) collection using Stereo Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE

  1. Principles of Stereo Viewing
  2. Stereo Models and Parallax
  3. Scaling, Translation, and Rotation
  4. 3D Floating Cursor and Feature Collection
  5. Measuring 3D Information
  6. Collecting and Editing 3D GIS Data

3D Visualization using ERDAS IMAGINE

  1. Orthorectify multiple images from a block using elevation data from multiple sources
  2. Mosaic several orthorectified images
  3. Use elevation models, raster overlays, vector data, and other GIS layers to create a customized 3D world
  4. Master navigation modes for smooth and easy visualization
  5. Import models and model coverage in various formats
  6. Create an animated fly-through using models and camera mod
  7. Record movies to share with others

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