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Motion Video Exploitation


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have provided critical real-time surveillance and operational support to mili­tary organizations, and have been a key source of intelligence for a number of years. Intergraph’s Motion Video Exploitation solution leverages full motion video, giving analysts the ability to collect, analyze, and maximize the value of video assets. This breakthrough technology enables video collection and management, including the addition of clipmarks and annotations, image enhancement, and integration with multiple geo-referenced sources to yield current, actionable intel­ligence.

  UAVs are the “eyes-in-the-sky” that often provide the only live view of actual activities in the vicinity, which is critical to the safety and success of a mission. There are many other sources of intelligence that provide additional context, such as satellite imagery aerial photos, and other sensors. The critical nature of using full motion video data in a fused environment with multiple intelligence sources is significant to achieve complete situational understanding.  

For more than 40 years, Intergraph has been a trusted part­ner of defense and intelligence agencies worldwide. Built on our geospatial content management, forensic video analysis, and intelligence fusion and exploitation capabilities, our Motion Video Exploitation solu­tion promotes a higher degree of confidence in strategic and tactical decisions.

Intergraph's Motion Video Exploitation solution provides an end-to-end workflow to enable quick and orderly data collection, extraction, fusion, and analysis in the most complex and rapidly evolving situations.



Key Benefits:
  - Unlocks the Power of Full Motion Video
- Enables Situational Awareness in Real Time
  - Enables Instant and Accurate Real-Time Enhancements
  - Lets You Create, Store, and Retrieve Annotations
  - Simplifies 3D Visualization and Fly-Through
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