Incident Command System

Incident Command System

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We provide an Emergency Management Information System (EMIS), a computer database system designed to support responders during emergencies by providing detailed, real-time information, allowing them to graphically integrate and transmit their decisions through the chain of incident command. It serves Police, Fire Service and Ambulance Paramedic Service.


  • Easy & efficient system
  • Standard process for managing incoming calls
  • Automatic Location Identification (ALI)
  • Automatic election of field responders and rescue centers
  • Automatic notification to field responders (Web, SMS, PDA application)
  • Fully integrated (Communication manager, PDAs, vehicle GPS tracking, IP Camera)
  • Secure system (security restrictions limit access, logs for every change and data entry)
  • Robust Reporting Tools
  • Minute-by-minute monitoring (time recording, call recording, dispatching steps, vehicle tracking, mobile and stationary camera recording)
  • Notification technology for volunteers and escalation (emails, SMS, MMS)
  • Decision Support tools (Mitigation, Preparedness)

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