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Digitizing the world

As Edge-Pro believes that the primary function of producing 2D/3D Digital Maps is giving accurate representations of a particular area.

The Digital Maps are the vector data sets of fundamental features of existing topographic maps, keeping the spatial relationship between the features as well as the corresponding attributive information. They represent the ground objects quite comprehensively and consist of several features. Each feature represents its geometric properties by using points, lines and areas. At the same time, the feature is assigned attributes and divided into several data layers according to the geographic features’ classification.

Edge-Pro have one of the biggest 3D mapping labs in Egypt using the latest NVIDIA technologies 3D vision glasses, PluraView 3D Screens and Topo/Stealth 3D Mouse “our team draw the world for you”


  1. 2D/3D Maps
  2. Ortho-Maps
  3. Thematic Maps
  4. Land Cover
  5. Land Use
  6. Topographic Maps
  7. …….. etc.

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If wanted, we have variety of Digital Maps products produced from Mono/Stereo Satellite imagery and Drones which fits your needs. Please contact us for more information

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