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Planet Monitoring

With 130+ satellites in orbit, Planet is able image anywhere on Earth’s landmass on a daily basis, at   3-5 meter resolution. Monitor your areas of interest, discover trends, and deliver timely insights.

High Resolution

3.7 meter resolution images in four multispectral bands: RGB and Near Infrared

Image Library

Extensive archive of high-resolution images dating from 2009

Global Coverage

Over 300 million square kilometers of imagery collected each day

Access & Integration

Ready-to-use images and data, integrated simply into your existing workflow

Planet Tasking

With 21 SkySats in orbit, Planet offers the highest intraday revisit capability of any commercial provider, capturing insights an average of 5-10 times per day in areas that are traditionally very challenging for imaging due to low satellite capacity.

With Planet’s automated Tasking Dashboard, you can request high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery and data, stereo collection for 3D models and DEM construction, off-nadir imagery, and videos of any location in the world.

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