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GeoMedia Smart Client

Dynamically Jumpstart Your GIS

GeoMedia Smart Client completes your existing desktop GIS by opening your geospatial assets to a larger audience. Geospatial datasets and maps produced from a desktop GIS feed a Smart GIS with content while leveraging the advantages of a  web GIS to  deliver light and application-specific solutions to more users. With GeoMedia Smart Client, individuals across your organization can create data, maps, reports, and even charts and graphs for their projects, instead of having to rely on a GIS specialist or outsourcing the work. Advanced geospatial functionality is fused into your core business workflows, enabling a wide audience to capture and edit data, use snapping tools, and perform redlining and geospatial queries. This includes the ability to define workflows that drive the user interface (GUI) that  guide users step-by-step and provides a way to collect, update, and validate your data. Ultimately, GeoMedia Smart Client enables non-GIS experts to exploit advanced GIS functionality in a smart way.


GeoMedia Smart Client is available in three product tiers to complement a broad range of customers – from a small business with few users doing simple vector-editing to large, multi-disciplinary environments supporting multiple business workflows across various departments.


Organizations can provide high-end vector redlining functionality plus support for an unlimited number of users to display raster and vector maps, analyze and query data, print, and utilize measurement and dimensioning functions. Vector database support includes the direct capability to read Oracle (10g and higher), Microsoft SQL Server (2008 and higher), and PostgreSQL (9.0 and higher). Raster format support is also available and includes TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPG, and PNG for raster data. Advanced client and server caching are  provided for  raster and vector data to ensure high performance – even in a disconnected mode.


This tier of GeoMedia Smart Client includes Workflow Manager and has a runtime module that enables customers to utilize predefined business process workflows, edit attributes, or capture and change spatial data on the web client. It is able to push changes back to the server database, including Oracle (10g and higher), Microsoft SQL Server (2008 and higher), and PostgreSQL (9.0 and higher).


For customers  wanting to define their own workflows or modify existing ones, this tier of GeoMedia Smart Client includes Workflow Manager – Editor. This capability enables an organization to develop its own workflows or revise the structure, process, and forms of current ones. Furthermore, organizations can provide  and information and insight  to more stakeholders and interested parties by delivering simple maps configured directly from GeoMedia Smart Client to a  web browser and public-facing websites.

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