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Dynamically Jumpstart Your GIS  

Is your GIS at a gridlock, stuck in a department, limited to a few, contained and locked away?

  Between those working with a rigid and technically demanding desktop GIS and a static light-weight browser-based GIS there exists a large potential user base. These users are eager to geospatially accelerate their business workflows and ignite the power of GIS.  
  GeoMedia® Smart Client makes your organization progressive, enabling all users to seamlessly integrate geographic changes into configurable workflows. Your end-users will be able to leverage advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools, streamlining their processes and honing their expertise.   
  These vibrant geospatial business workflows provide a level of sophistication not supported by legacy out-of-the-box horizontal software products.  

With GeoMedia Smart Client, workflow optimization and intuitive web editing will be a reality embraced across your organization.



Complete Your GIS with a Smart GIS
  GeoMedia Smart Client completes your existing desktop GIS by engaging a larger audience with your geospatial assets. Geospatial datasets and maps produced from a desktop GIS feed a smart GIS with content, while leveraging a web GIS’ advantages in delivering light and application specific solutions to more users.
  With GeoMedia Smart Client, individuals across your organization can create data, maps and reports for their projects, rather than having to rely on a GIS specialist or outsource this work. Ultimately this enables non-GIS experts to exploit advanced GIS functionality in a smart way!
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