Our Partners
IntergraphA is the leading global provider of engineering and geospatial software that enables customers to visualize complex data. Businesses and governments in more than 60 countries rely on Intergraph??s industry-specific software to organize vast amounts of data and infuse the world with intelligence to make processes and infrastructures better, safer, and smarter. The company??s software and services empower customers to build and operate more efficient plants and ships, create intelligent maps, and protect critical infrastructure and millions of people around the world.
Intergraph is part of Hexagon (Nordic exchange: HEXA B), a leading global provider of design, measurement, and visualization technologies that enable customers to design, measure and position objects, and process and present data.
European Space Imaging (EUSI)
European Space Imaging (EUSI) is a leading supplier of high-resolution satellite imagery to customers in Europe and North Africa. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Munich, Germany. EUSI is the only European satellite data provider that operates its own high-resolution satellite ground station for direct satellite tasking and local data downlink.
EUSI has an excellent reputation for its customer service and has a diverse network of technological and commercial partners. The company maintains long-term, direct relations with the major European and international institutions working in disaster management, national and regional security, environmental monitoring and mapping.
WorldView Global Alliance
EUSI is a founding member of the WorldView Global Alliance. The WorldView Global Alliance brings together the world??s leading global provider of commercial high-resolution world-imagery products and services for defense and intelligence, civil government, and commercial customers, with regional leaders in the geospatial industry to provide best-in-class imagery solutions for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
RapidEye stands apart from other providers of geospatial information. We have the unique ability of acquiring high-resolution, multi-spectral, large-area image data on a daily basis, while simultaneously delivering geospatial business intelligence solutions with a fresh approach to development.
We are dedicated to locating the one or more solutions that will advance your immediate decision making processes, assist you in future planning and will ultimately increase your profitability.
The capabilities of our expert personnel, ground control segmentand our satellite constellation are efficiently managed to provide our clients with valuable, long-term, end-to-end solutions.
Quality is Key
Since April 2008, RapidEye has been ISO certified through T??V NORD of Germany. Originally certified under the 9001:2000 standard, RapidEye was successfully upgraded and re-certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards in May of 2011.
Quality Management has been integrated into every level of activity at RapidEye, and periodic reviews of the processes are regularly conducted to ensure that standards are maintained and continuously improved.
RapidEye and its employees are proud to offer the benefits of such international standards to its customers.
Founded in 1997, Skyline Software Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of 3D earth visualization software and services. The company offers a comprehensive platform of applications, tools and services that enable the creation and dissemination of interactive, photo-realistic 3D environments. Skyline has built a "best of breed" set of tools that remain focused on the needs of our customers including flexibility, efficiency and robustness. Skyline is headquartered in Herndon,VA.