Training | Standard Courses | Introduction to ERDAS Enterprise
Course Duration: 2 Day(s)
  This course provides the basic knowledge on the technical framework of our enterprise products. It teaches how to install the product and perform basic configurations. At the end the students can install and run a standard demo. The business cases solved by the product are detailed as well as the strengths of ERDAS Enterprise Solutions.
Target Audience
  Basic up to experienced. Technical Sales and Project Managers.
  Besides global GIS and IT background. There is no specific Technical knowledge required for this training.
General overview of Geo-ICT concepts, OGC specifications and Erdas Enterprise Products.
What are spatial Databases, what is Java technology.
Apollo Essentials, Adventage and Professional – Installation, Setting up webservices, Preparing a demo.
Apollo Solution Toolkit – What does it – How to build a simple webapplication.
ADE – Concepts and architecture.
Titan – Concepts and architecture.
IWS – Principles of streaming technology – Installation – Sample pages and demo preparation.