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Your Solution for Managing and Serving Information

  ERDAS APOLLO is a comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system. It is an interoperable OGC/ISO-based solution that efficiently organizes massive volumes of data (imagery, vectors, terrain, LiDAR, web services, and virtually any digital object in the enterprise). ERDAS APOLLO consistently delivers geospatial data faster and using less hardware than competing server-based products. Solving data organization problems universal to governments, businesses, and other organizations, ERDAS APOLLO can be customized and extended to fully satisfy your geospatial and business process requirements.  


Fastest Image Server Available
  ERDAS APOLLO Essentials provides a high-speed, specialized application that efficiently distributes massive amounts of geospatial imagery to thousands of users, all from a single server. Solving infrastructure congestion problems, users can quickly access the information they need via multiple interfaces and protocols to fit any use case.
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